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Welcome to Bridgend County Labour Party

Located close to the South Wales coast, Bridgend Labour Party is made up of the Bridgend & Ogmore constituencies, which consists of 15 branches. The Bridgend seat is held by Madeleine Moon MP and the Ogmore seat is held by Chris Elmore MP. Bridgend has been consecutively held by Labour for since 1983 and Madeline has held it since 2005, whereas, Ogmore has been a Labour Party constituency for 100 years and Chris Elmore is its current MP.

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Latest news articles from Bridgend & Ogmore

The first ever inter-generational mini-OlympAge Games event was held at Halo's Ogmore Valley Life Centre recently.School pupils and older people from Ogmore Valley teamed up to compete at a range of Olympic-themed activities such as chain relay bounce ball ...

Royal Porthcawl has become the first Golf Club in Wales to obtain the GEO-Certification sustainability award after receiving valuable support from Bridgend County Borough Council's 'Dune 2 Dunes' project.The 'Dunes 2 Dunes' project funded by the Sustainable Management Scheme ...

A new policy for supporting care leavers through their university and higher education studies has been adopted by Bridgend County Borough Council.Previously the council's financial support has enabled young people to meet the costs of term time and vacation ...

With continued and increased uncertainty about when the UK will leave the European Union preparations are underway at Bridgend County Borough Council.Under the leadership of the interim Chief Executive a project team has been formed and a 'risk tracker' ...

Secured by Bridgend County Borough Council in collaboration with Welsh Government the 'Urban Centre Property Enhancement Fund' can provide financial support towards renovation work on shopfronts signage windows and doors as well as internal and external structural improvements.Cllr Charles ...

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