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Bridgend County Labour Party

The history of our party and its two constituencies

Located close to the South Wales coast, Bridgend Labour Party is made up of the Bridgend & Ogmore constituencies, which consists of 15 branches. The Bridgend seat is held by Madeline Moon MP and the Ogmore seat is held by Chris Elmore MP. Bridgend has been consecutively held by Labour for since 1983 and Madeline has held it since 2005, whereas, Ogmore has been a Labour Party constituency for 100 years and Chris Elmore is its current MP.

The Constituency Labour Party (CLP) hosts a number of events throughout the constituency for members to get involved with. There are a mixture of branch meetings, all member meetings and other events and functions. We also organise a number of fundraising events and campaigning opportunities, which together aim towards making our constituency a great place to be.

Our Aims & Objectives

What we stand for and what we aim to achieve

Bridgend County Labour Party intends to achieve the long-held and much-valued objectives of the Labour Party for the benefit of our constituents. Namely:

  • Social Justice
  • Strong community and strong values
  • Reward for hard work
  • Decency
  • Rights matched by responsibilities

Members of the constituency hold active debates about issues facing us all and discuss our on-going local campaigns. We pass on our ideas to the local MP, Madeleine Moon, and the First Minister of the Welsh Government, our AM, Carwyn Jones.

Branches & Meetings

Branches that make up the Bridgend & Ogmore constituencies

Bridgend Country Labour Party is split up into 15 branches spreading across Bridgend & Ogmore. These branches meet regularly with their own agendas and events. Each branch has their own set of officers. You can find out more about individual branches by clicking through to their pages.

Bridgend Branches

Ogmore Branches

General Management Committee (GMCs) are usually the most interesting! These are open to all members of the Bridgend County Constituency party. There will often be a bit of CLP business to take care of, a motion or two and a debate about a relevant topic. Everyone is welcome and we hope that new members will attend and take part too.

Branch meetings are smaller meetings and tend to be more informal, they are also welcome to everybody. For voting rights you will need to be a member.

The Executive Commitee (EC) meetings are where the more mundane CLP business is dealt with, and usually relate to the organisational side of the party.