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Councillor Huw David has been re-elected as the Leader of Bridgend County Borough Council.

Cllr David, the Labour Group Leader who is also the ward member for Cefn Cribwr, was unanimously re-elected as the Leader of the local authority at the annual meeting of Council held on Wednesday 15 May.

Councillor Stuart Baldwin was elected unanimously as Mayor of Bridgend County Borough, succeeding Councillor John McCarthy, while Councillor Ken Watts will serve as Deputy Mayor.

The Cabinet portfolio positions were also agreed for the year ahead:

Deputy Leader - Councillor Hywel Williams
Cabinet Member for Social Services and Early Help - Councillor Phil White
Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration - Councillor Dr Charles Smith
Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Future Generations - Councillor Dhanisha Patel
Cabinet Member for Communities - Councillor Richard Young

Groups and group leaders were confirmed as follows:

. Labour (26) - Councillor Huw David
. Independent Alliance (10) - Councillor Norah Clarke
. Conservative (8) - Councillor Tom Giffard
. Plaid Cymru (3) - Councillor Malcolm James
. Llynfi Independents (3) - Councillor Ross Penhale-Thomas

Addressing the meeting, Cllr Huw David said: "A strong focus will be necessary over the next twelve months. The tenth year of national austerity is fast approaching and the future remains very challenging for local government.

We estimate that the Council will have to save a further £35m over the coming years and there is simply no way to balance the books without seeing a significant impact upon local services and further council tax rises.

Local government and indeed society are in a state of transition. We still face the uncertainty of Brexit, are now part of a new health authority area, facing increasing pressure for greater regional collaboration, are experiencing record demand for our services and are seeing rapid changes in the roles that councils play in the lives of people living throughout the UK.

Bridgend County Borough Council has not shied away from making difficult decisions during this period, nor have we lost sight of ensuring the continued safety and well-being of our most vulnerable residents.

This resilience and prioritisation has formed the backbone of our efforts so far, and it is an ethos that I know we will all want to continue. By working together to protect our essential services for the most vulnerable and prioritising investment in the future, we can ensure that Bridgend County Borough Council can continue to meet the inevitable challenges that lay ahead."

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